About the Lab

This movie is a time-lapse series of fluorescence and DIC images (2 second frame rate) of a chytrid growing between an agarose pad and coverslip under a fluorescence microscope. The scale bar is 5 microns and time is min:secs. The fluorescent Lifeact-tdTomato reporter labels polymerized actin. Note the localization of actin to the leading edge of amoeboid zoospores, where as germlings have actin patches and cables!

This movie is a time-lapse series of phase contrast and fluorescence images (frame was taken every three minutes) of yeast growing on agarose pads under a fluorescence microscope. For a sense of scale, the yeast are typically several microns in diameter and divide approximately every 90 minutes. The yellow fluorescence is generated by yellow fluorescent protein (YFP), which is produced and controlled by a synthetic gene circuit built in the Buchler lab.